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How Can We Help You

You can count on us to help you in any number of legal matters involving digital issues. With a specialty in complex federal criminal cases, technology is often key in protecting our clients. Some of those cases involve:

  • Cell phone data, including text & call records, app data, & GPS information

  • Computer hard drives, internet search, & browsing history

  • Cloud and social media items, i.e. Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud, Facebook, Twitter and more

  • Digital consoles and IoT devices such as Xbox, Playstation, and iPad

  • Agreements & contracts, including software consulting agreements, licensing, IT service agreements, SOW or SLA

Our office draws on the more than 30 years of technology experience held by our firm’s founding attorney, John H. Morris, whose primary focus is in white collar criminal defense, digital forensics, and eDiscovery. Mr. Morris’ additional experience in sales, management, and technology combines with the legal judgment you want when assessing your options in matters involving digital issues.

Our firm’s founding attorney, John H. Morris, has 30 years of technology experience and specializes in these practice areas:

  • White collar criminal defense
  • Digital forensics
  • eDiscovery

His additional experience in sales, management, and technology combines with the legal judgment you want when assessing your options in matters involving digital issues. Not only do we know how to use digital data as a defensive tool, but we can also use digital evidence (or the lack thereof) to disprove assertions by your opponent.

Make sure your rights are protected in today’s virtual world as well as in the real one
with a law firm that possesses a detailed firsthand understanding of how the tech world actually works.

Legal Services for the Real World and the Virtual One

Nashville Vanguard Law protects the rights of people in matters both civil and criminal. We offer the kind of comprehensive representation people need today for cases that regularly involve issues that extend far into the digital world.

Our caseload regularly includes:

  • White collar criminal defense
  • First amendment legal challenges
  • Digital forensics
  • Civil rights and government misconduct
  • eDiscovery

What’s Coming Next?

Whatever the subject matter of the case itself, most people are just beginning to realize the extent of their legal exposure in relation to digital issues. Whereas criminal and civil courts formerly dealt little with the virtual world, today’s cases are awash with it. Technology’s exponential growth in the legal industry and elsewhere will only swell further in the days to come.

Protecting You in Today’s Digital World

Whether you are dealing with a divorce involving the discovery of social media or facing criminal charges that involve cellphone and other electronic records, you can rely on Nashville Vanguard Law. With technology at your fingertips every day, your devices – and everyone else’s – likely have the evidence that can change the outcome of your case.

In fact, we hold such a command of these issues that we operate an additional business called CyberTruth, LLC, advising individuals and businesses in general digital forensic matters. You can rely on both to protect your freedoms.

About Us:

Many law firms will tell you that they understand the emerging digital trends and issues facing the legal profession. At Nashville Vanguard Law, we don’t just understand the issues from a legal perspective – we understand their practical implications and less obvious applicability firsthand.

Our firm’s founding lawyer, John H. Morris, has worked in sales, management and technology in addition to his time as an attorney; we know how technology works in the real world.

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How Can We Help You

Who We Work With

  • Individuals
  • Businesses
  • Outside Counsel
  • Corporate General Counsel

Whether your case is civil or criminal, whether it involves the cloud or cellphone data, you can depend on us to help you understand the implications of technology on your case and how it can best be used to achieve a favorable outcome.

We can provide you with legal services that are as compassionate as they are technologically proficient. We regularly work with clients facing difficult family law issues and those needing a tough cybercrimes defense attorney. To serve you best, we maintain a firm commitment to personalized service, tailoring our guidance to your circumstances by getting to know you and your personal legal goals.